African Contributions to Global Health

Circulating Knowledge and Innovations

Internal Kick-Off Workshop

African Contributions to Global Health Kick-off workshop – 12 November 2019 Centre for African Studies, Rheinsprung 21 4051 Basel © Wikimedia Commons 10h-13h Session 1, Room U4.002: Research projects: Introduction and feedback (teams and invited guests) 10h Opening Welcome and introduction to overall project – Julia Tischler, Jürg Utzinger, Jérôme Chenal Brief roundtable introductions – all […]

Project introduction

The History Department at the University of Basel, one of the three institutions where researchers for this project are located, has recently introduced the project to the broader public (in German).

First publication

We are happy to announce that Jakob Zinsstag, Julia Tischler and Tanja Hammel co-published a first article with some colleagues in the Journal for Public Health and Emergency before the project officially started.